The area offers different types of terrain suitable for hiking, walking, biking, horseback riding, fishing, water sports and more. In less than 10 minutes you can reach the water complex “Windmills” (waterpark) or to Ognyanovo dam. 3 km. above the village is the locality with green path and “Lake of Andreshko” described in the story of Elin Pelin.

Sightseeing in the village are: the monument of Elin Pelin, house-monument of Elin Pelin, home of Elin Pelin, a community center with a cinema for 80 people, a large library, a church in which grandfather Dobri the saint of Baylovo maintained and memorial plaque in front of an abandoned coal mine served to the dugout in 1944. monument residents Baylovo participated in wars.

There is also a surprising restaurant with its high kitchen level and atmosphere.

Events with preserved traditions and customs are held on Christmas Day, February 14, March 1, April 1, Day of the flowers and Lazarov Day, Easter, birthday of writer Elin Pelin, festivals and celebrations.


The complex operating five restaurants, six pools, a hotel, a lake for fishing, zoo and many attractions for young and old.

House Museum Elin Pelin

Site for visitors from all over the country. The wide courtyard with large walnut, barn, shed, under which it is collected deadstock us back to the atmosphere in which he lived and worked Elin Pelin.

Home Memorial Elin Pelin

In 1977 she opened the house-monument “Elin Pelin” in whose beautiful and spacious building today houses a community center.

Ognyanovo dam

Dam “Ognyanovo” is a dam built along the river Lesnovska. It is one of the thirty most important dams in Bulgaria.